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As most of you know, David is an ultra marathon runner. This means he runs more than marathons for "fun".  Prior to the proposal, David had completed many races with his longest run being 62 miles in Florida.  When David signed up for the Lighthouse 100 that started in Petosky and finished on Old Mission Point in Traverse City, Valerie found herself in the position of crew.  Being part of a race crew means meeting the runner every so often and giving moral support as well as nutritional support and ensuring the runner doesn't need anything at all. David's mother Kathy and Father Dave, came along to help crew and watch their son accomplish an amazing feat. We were all staying at Valerie's family cottage with Valerie's mother, Sue and stepfather John (a good way for the parents to meet and spend time together). The day started off as most races do for David, he forgot his hydration pack at the cottage.  The weather was unprecidentedly warm with temperatures in the 90's with not a cloud in site.  While David trudged along through the first 70 miles Davids friend Clayton joined us midday to help pace David through the last 30 miles.  Clayton, known for his wonderful sense of humor, decided this would be a great time to crack a joke regarding there being no possibility of David proposing at the end of the race being that he would never be able to get down on one knee after running 100 miles.  Valerie replied with "I wouldn't want him to, this is his moment not mine".  The last ten miles were the longest of David's life.  He was sleep walking through part of it and stopping every mile or so for nutrition and moral support.  As he crossed the finish line, he was strong in his stride and "Feels Like the First Time" was playing on the speakers.  Valerie and David embraced and the race director congratulated David suggesting we should go see the sunrise at Old Mission Point Lighthouse.  Valerie stated "I doubt he wants to walk that far after 100 miles, we saw the sunrise here last year".  David insisted and we were on our way to the Lighthouse to watch the sunrise.  As we arrived, I turned around and David was on one knee (gripping onto the fence for support). Of course I said yes, among other choice phrases.