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Our story is quite serendipitous. We went to high school together and graduated the same year, 2003. Our lockers were probably 5 or so apart all four years.  We weren't friends and probably never exchanged more than an "excuse me" in the hallway.  In 2015, while working at Henry Ford West Bloomfield in the CT department, Valerie had a fond affinity for the therapy dogs who wandered the halls.  Valerie followed, Henry, a large black lab with a love of cheerios into the Emergency Room hoping to get to pet him.  She ended up in a room that turned out to be David's office where she saw David petting Henry.  Upon making eye contact Valerie stated "I know you from some where" and the rest is history.  Their first date was two days later, after a few rejections on Valerie's part.  She is forever thankful for his persistence.